About us - Annomen Oy

Annomen Oy was founded in 2012 by Aarne Nenonen. Aarne Nenonen has a vast experience in the debt collection business as well as in the Finnish business life.

Ten years in sales and customer relations for some of the major brands on the Finnish market made Aarne aware of the possible dilemmas substandard credit control can cause. From this insight Aarne decided 2000 to start a carrier in debt handling and took the role of Sales Manager at Kreditstyrning Oy, renamed Lindorff Oy in 2003.

Having been employed for most of his life Aarne decided in 2004 to start his own company – Jeremidas Oy. This company grew slowly and at the same time very steadily. In 2008 the interest of the large company Ok Perintä Oy appeared, and after a substantial offer, Aarne decided to sell his company to them.

Aarne stayed with the, now merged and new company, for four years (as Sales Director), when he again started his own company.

And now in 2012 Annomen Oy is started.

Annomen Oy got off to a quick and successful start. And that has been the direction for the continuing ten years with clients such as Svea Ekonomi and Intrum.

The company is based on two clear values
  • Aarnes feeling for, and knowledge of, his client’s business.
  • Aarnes core belief in the fact that a sound credit control can avoid getting the clients customer into dilemmas of debt.

Annomen Oy is today a quality, renowned and personal debt collection agency.